Summer is the season when we are likely to spend most of our time outdoors. Entertaining friends in the backyard is one of Australians favourites thing to do. There is nothing quite like a barbie with your mates on a long hot summers eve. Keep your garden looking its best this summer and organise regular residential garden maintenance services for your Northern Beaches and Northshore home. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a well maintained garden and keep your recreational time free to do the things you love to do.

Tips to implement the right residential garden maintenance services

The summer heat means plants will flourish if properly cared for. Here are a few tips on how to keep your garden thriving over the hot summer months.

summer garden maintenances services

source: Bunnings Warehouse 

Summer Garden Checklist Tip 1: Water

Water is essential in summer for your garden checklist and should definitely be a part of your residential garden maintenance and lawn mowing practices.

While Sydney is an area that generally experiences a good amount of rainfall over the summer months. Regular watering of your garden is crucial to ensure the plants can withstand the harsh summer sun. Make it part of your morning routine, take your cup of coffee out the back, pick up the hose and give the garden a good drink to start the day. If you really just don’t have the time, speak to your local residential garden maintenance services business. They may be able to install a simple irrigation system on a timer, so you can rest assure your garden is being taken care of, even while you’re not there.

Summer Garden Checklist Tip 2: Mulching 

Mulching your garden beds is a great way to both minimise weeds and retain moister in the soil.

Spread 6cm of mulch over all your garden beds. This will shield the soil from the sun, keeping the soil cooler, therefore, keeping your plant roots happier. It will also help reduce weed growth. Many weeds love the summer heat and will quickly go from tiny to huge in a matter of days. Make sure you keep on top of them before they get out of control.

Summer Garden Checklist Tip 3: Garden Pests

Watch out for garden pests as some in particular love the warmer months. Be extra careful about snakes that come out of hibernation during summer. A good guide is to:

  • Always wear gloves when working in the garden.
  • Be sure to make plenty of noise.
  • Lift rocks and garden debris away from you.
  • Never attempt to remove a snake from your property yourself, always call in a professional.

Snakes can become very aggressive when they feel threatened and the result can be fatal. Often your local Northshore residential garden maintenance services will have knowledge in this area and will be able to guide you in the right direction for safe removal of the snake.

Summer Garden Checklist Tip 4: Lawns

You may notice your lawn grows at double the speed during the summer months. It can become hard to keep on top of and although it’s tempting to mow at the lowest setting to lengthen the times between mows, don’t! We actually recommend you raise your mower blades to avoid killing your lawn during warmer months.

It is important to always abide by any water restrictions that may be in place in your area. But if you are able to, give your lawn a good water from time to time. It will love you for it. Organising someone to come and take care of your lawn mowing in Northern Beaches or Northshore on a weekly or fortnightly basis is a popular option for many busy people. It can take away a lot of hassle and leaves you free to enjoy your outdoor area in your spare time.

At CC&M landscaping we specialise in residential garden maintenance services. We provide regular maintenance for many homes and gardens including lawn mowing in Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs.

If you require assistance with any of your gardening needs, be sure to contact us, we will happily talk you through a step by step guide on how to get the most out our outdoor area this summer.