The New year is as good a time as any to start making your garden a priority. Make sure keeping on top of the garden maintenance of your Manly home, is on your list of New Year’s resolutions this year. By changing a few routine habits, you can enjoy the benefit of a thriving garden year round.

New Years resolutions for your garden care Manly

A new year means in with the new good habits with your garden maintenance in Manly

Say it with me,

  • I will keep on top of the weeding. By taking a few precautionary methods you can drastically reduce the weed growth in your garden. Use mulch as a natural weed barrier in your garden beds. You will need to put down around a 3-inch thick layer to stop the weeds from penetrating through. While this will reduce weed growth, it may not stop it all together, if you do notice some weeds poking through, pull them out as you see them, do not let it get out of control. A little bit a day or week goes a long way and stops things from getting overwhelming.
  • I will not forget about my herbs. A variety of fresh herbs should be something found in everybody’s garden. While they are easy to grow and require relatively low garden care, you must ensure they are receiving enough (but not too much) of the basics, water and sunlight. Giving them a good go with a liquid fertiliser such as Seasol will help encourage lush growth. It’s also important to pick and use your herbs regularly. If left to their own devices they will quickly become woody and go to seed. Share them with your friends and neighbours, a bunch of fresh herbs is a thoughtful and appreciated sentiment.
  • I will give my lawn the attention it deserves. This includes using a wetting agent as a part of your lawn and garden maintenance in Manly. This will allow your lawn to absorb more water resulting in greener, healthier growth. Weeds can also be as much of a problem in your lawns as your garden beds. Using a ‘weed n feed’ or similar type of fertiliser at the appropriate time of year will eliminate pesky weeds and improve overall grass growth of your lawn. Do not leave it too long in-between mowing, as the grass underneath will suffer, leaving your lawn looking dry and brown when you do get around to mowing.
  • I will regularly water blast the hard areas. You will be amazed how water-blasting your driveway or pavers will freshen up the area. Moss and dirt build up quickly but a regular blasting will keep it looking brand new.

And if it all get too hard, I will bring in a professional garden maintenance contractorOutsourcing your garden maintenance in Manly is an easy fuss free way to keep your garden flourishing. At CC&M Landscapes we take care of a variety of clients with their garden maintenance in Manly and offer a range of services and packages to meet our client’s needs. Some of our lovely clients may require weekly care, entrusting their garden in our very capable hands. Others might only require fortnightly, monthly or adhoc services where they only require a little guidance to get them in the right direction and the occasional checkup.

Whatever it is your after, be sure to give us a call. We would be happy to help you transform your outdoor area into your favourite place to be this new year.